On November 30th we hosted an intimate gathering called Loft Stories, an event series for local singer/songwriters to share their stories through original songs. The focus for the night is on the hearts behind the music that each artist has created. BREDA Studio was filled with beautiful sounds and honest storytelling. Meet the artists below and keep an eye out for the next show coming in January.


Frankie Leonie

Award winning singer, songwriter and musician, Frankie Leonie is establishing herself as the newest rising star in the Americana Country/Folk music revolution. Frankie was born in the heart of the Texas music scene in Austin.



Austin Leach

Austin Leach, a Dallas/Fort Worth native, has always loved music. Taking inspiration from his personal experiences, Austin aspires to create music that is relatable and authentic. Songs that each listener can hold on to and make their own.




A.J. LeGrand describes his music as "stories accompanied by cowboy melodies." Others have said that "his songs send [them] on an unpredictable emotional journey; exploring a myriad of genres from soul, to folk, to blues, to country rock--demonstrating his incredible gift for storytelling while telling them with the perfect amount of energy and passion."