On July 27th we hosted an intimate gathering called Loft Stories, a new event series for local singer/songwriters to share their stories through original songs. The focus for the night is on the hearts behind the music that each artist has created. BREDA Studio was filled with beautiful sounds and honest storytelling. Meet the artists below and keep an eye out for the next show coming in September.


 Brigitte Mena

Brigitte Mena is a singer-songwriter based in Dallas, Texas, Her sound focuses on expression and raw experience.



Peyton Stilling

Peyton Stilling is a contemporary singer-songwriter based in Dallas, Texas. Peyton infuses soulful sounds with piano and guitar. 



Grady Spencer & The Work

Grady Spencer & The Work is a band based out of Fort Worth, Texas. They are a blue collar band, making blue collar music, for a blue collar world.



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