On June 1st we hosted an intimate gathering called Loft Stories, a new event series for local singer/songwriters to share their stories through original songs. The focus for the night is on the hearts behind the music that each artist has created. BREDA Studio was filled with beautiful sounds and honest storytelling. Meet the artists below and keep an eye out for the next show Friday July 27th.


 Lo Steele

Lo Steele is a singer-songwriter and artist based in Dallas, Texas. Her sound is one of fine balance between spoken word and art.    




Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, M’Lynn is a young and exciting new artist. Her songwriting is personal and mature beyond her years. Her covers make an old song new again. 



Children of Indigo

Chilldren of Indigo is a Dallas based band formed in Fall 2014. Their music blends styles of rock, hip hop, soul, funk and blues to bring an original, yet reminis. 



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