On Jan 26th we hosted an intimate gathering called Loft Stories, a new event series for local singer/songwriters to share their stories through original songs. The focus for the night is on the hearts behind the music that each artist has created. BREDA Studio was filled with beautiful sounds and honest storytelling. Meet the artists below and keep an eye out for the next show coming in March.


 Mountain Natives

Mountain Natives are comprised of couple Philip and Loren Pappas, an indie folk band from Dallas, TX. The duo is best known for the stories they tell of their adventures and their battles they endure together.




LO is a singer-songwriter based in Dallas, Texas. LO infuses soul and a dash of funk into her indie pop sound. LO will be releasing her debut EP this year.



Bayleigh Cheek

Dallas native, Bayleigh Cheek, has been playing a writing her own songs for years. Join her through her music as she takes you through a journey to other worlds, and brings you back with questions waiting to unravel and be answered from one project to the next. Her music reflects nostalgia from the 60s and 70s with a modern twist. Ransom St. due to release February 23rd.



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