BREDA by You

Featuring Kevin Wilson

Posted on 10/07/21

This week we chatted with stylist, Kevin Wilson of @kevinpeterwilson for our BREDA by You series on how he uses design to explore personal style, and style evolution. Explore the interview below.

What’s the first thing you do in the morning?
Skin care, then coffee. Every morning, in that order. Right now I’m using just Neutrogena cleanser and Cetaphil moisturizer, whilst drinking a double shot Americano.

What do you prioritize most at this time?
Going to the gym. I’ve always wanted to work on building a strong body but put it off for years. I’ve been going consistently for over a year now and have definitely seen a big difference!

What has informed your personal style over the years?
Trial and error. I’ve tried a lot of different looks that I liked online or on someone else but, I noticed that I don’t feel confident in. And then there’s the looks that you just naturally feel confident in. I’ve learned to pay attention to that when it comes to styling and specific pieces. Ignoring if it’s “trendy” or designer pieces and paying attention to how I actually feel in it has been huge.

Where do you source your inspiration for your style?
I take a lot of style inspiration from people I admire online. There’s only a couple people I really look up to in terms of style so I pay close attention to them. Another big source is looking at the runway shows, editorials, lookbooks etc. of designers I love (Lemaire, Jil Sander, The Row). A final mention would be styling on website such as SSENSE and Matchesfashion, so much good styling happening there!

What type of space do you seek when needing time for yourself?
I love to be home alone in my apartment. I worked hard to create a space I love and represents me well, so spending time here just messing with my clothes or watching a movie is very giving to me.

A thing you can’t get enough of at this moment:
Hmm...gymnastics! Haha. Ever since the Olympics I’ve gotten super into it. Finally, a sport I like haha!